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“This seems obvious, but most marketers have no mission statement or core strategy behind the content they develop”. The contentwrangler.com

And to remind us that the “The why must come before the what”. Why do we exist, Why do we create content. Set your objectives and meet your goals.

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Johnyholland.com explains us  that “the challenge with [digital] content, is that the target audience segmentation approach of yesterday’s Industrial Revolution falls far short of the content requirements of today’s Information Age”.

Adressing a segment is not enough anymore if you want to engage your audiences. You need to understand what they do, how they consume and digest the information to address their needs and preoccupations. The content you deliver should become a service tailored to their needs.

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You need to organise your Content Strategy?  The first question should be: “What may I consider as Content in my company/organisation” ? There is much more than you think….

Extract of ” Why Companies Needs a Head of Content Stragegy, Creation and Distribution by Adweek.com.

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