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A positive attitude? Thanks, but no thanks!

Unsatisfied? Indignant? Come and explore the twists and turns of your movements and discover potential creative and innovative solutions!
Whether it is personal, professional or social, you have the power to shake things up!

There is a long list of those who have discovered a third alternative route from an unsatisfying situation: Bla Bla Car, Jan In’t Veld with their universal glasses, Colalife who tested Coca Cola’s distribution circuit in Africa for the delivery of medication, Sparknews, with their positive initiative supplements for worldwide newspapers etc.

Ready to get going?
We will look at the subject (causing dissatisfaction) and the object (you) to detect the way to light the spark. We will also study the feeling and energy which emerges out of their meeting.

It will then be time to immediately transform–in a fun, somewhat mischievous way – thespringing source of ideas and potential creative and innovative solutions.
And think big! (Why not?)

Our aim: that you leave this workshop with a seed of a creative project born out of your own “complaints”, and maybe even having found some synergies!

“I always wondered why somebody doesn’t do something about that.
Then I realized I was that somebody.

This workshop will take place at the Crea Conference 2015 in Sestri, Italy (April 15-19)

It is aslo available for inter or intra workshops, as a team buidling or for a relaxed session to unlock tensions.
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Here is a beautiful article on Forbes.com that gives 4 science based ideas to spark creative thinking.
Not to mention that creeativity can me trained.

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