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Avant et après Business Model YOU

The “Revamp Camp” workshop consists of: two stages and 4 phases to really give your projects and morale a boost.

In an ever changing world, this method is suitable for both entrepreneurs who are looking for a way to clarify and boost their vision, and employees or job seekers wishing to create and add value to their professional career.

In need to take time to (re)open the scope of possibilities and to do the groundwork that enables to take action(s)  and motivation to be rekindled ? Have a look.
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The Business Model Canvas


You need to clarify a project, your business model or your “career” model. Here is a short and sharp presentation of the Business Model Canvas, the basis for the Business Model Generation and the Business Model YOU
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What’s it take to improve your level of work? On the Harvard Business Reviewblog, author Tony Schwartz pairs his personal research with that of Swedish psychologist Anders Ericsson to come up with an answer. Their findings? To improve your work requires six key steps, the same steps utilized in a well-balanced and acutely planned workout. Schwartz:
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