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"Fortify your optimism, Tell Inspiring Stories, Make an impact"

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Creating the “Wow”*

We (re)activate curiosity and creativity to create empowerment. Our procedure to search for ideas literally breathes fresh air into your head. We create space for unprecedented and innovative solutions to reveal their full power. This all requires tried and tested methods of creativity and visualization, creating a working environment to welcome ideas, co-create solutions and keep your thoughts moving.

A collaborative approach

OKTOPOD combines the talent and activates the (muli-)potential found at the heart of multi-disciplinary groups.
You, your collaborators, your peers… We uncover and bring to the surface the individual’s creative resources providing the means to select the most promising solutions.

The cherry on the cake

After our workshops participants feel re-energized, more inspired and more optimistic.

"The Best Way to predict the Future Is To Invent It"

Alan Kay

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Véronique Teurlay, 42, Founder and Director of OKTOPOD

I have a multipotential worksheet that makes me an agile consultant. In terms of careers I jumped from a position in International sales administration (import – Export) for a workwear US clothing brand (Dickies) to the Brand/ Content department of a winning team for the Americas’s Cup (in New Zealand) and ended up spending 15 years working for international sports events. 7 of them with Oktopod. I decided to switch again at the beginning of 2014, and make explicit what I was implicitly providing while working: creativity (problem solving and opportunities finding), Business Model thinking to create value. Blending that with my expertise in time management and inclination for curiosity, I have re-built my services, trainings and workshops to wide open the door to the sum of possibilities. I am particularly at my ease at the early stage of a project or in a transformational phase. I work from a global (and prospective) vision and I’m also “sensing the gaps” i.e spotting the main grains of sands that could stop the machine. This is doubled with a clear taste for finding ideas and out of the box opportunities to make things happen.

Having gone through a bore out/burn out, I am also capable of assessing the importance of slowing down, and how crucial it is to create meaning and impact in a business. I definitely believe regenerative economy is our future. My aim today is to support change makers & mutlpotentials to make the most of their key resources to innovate, and train them to strengthen their entrepreneurial soft skills (time, creativity etc).

I’m aslo an analog photographer, a language and book lover who recharges in nature, or with a small group of friends. I can be as noisy as I am quiet.

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